P4 Replica Build Diary
So It's begun! prompted by a love of all things Ferrari and believing the P4 to be the ultimate in design terms I've decided to build a replica of this 60's classic Le Mans racer predominantely as a trackday car.

Where to start? this was helped considerably by finding that NF Developments do a kit for the P4. To say it's a kit, it is in the loosest terms with the basics supplied consisting of the chassis, suspension, raw body panels and glass/ perspex. Engine options range from Renault V6 through to Ferrari V12 with many in between. Now I'd have loved a Ferrari V12 but it means losing 4" of cabin space and it's all a bit tight for me to fit so I went for the next best thing a Ferrari V8. I needed one from a longitudinal installation so a 348, 355 or 360. A 348 engine and transaxle came available at a 'reasonable' cost, this is the first time a Ferrari V8 will be fitted to one of the Foreman cars!. With a free flowing exhaust we're hopeful of around 330BHP and maintaining a dry weight of circa 875kg's giving a PTW ratio of nearly 400BHP/ Tonne.

As at 1st May 2003 the chassis is being built and the engine/ transaxle has been delivered to NF to enable them to fabricate the engine mounts and gearchange linkage.

I could have gone for all new components for the brakes/ hubs/ driveshafts etc but couldn't resist the opportunity to strip the bits I needed and at the same time do the world a favour and take an old Scorpio off the road.

One was sourced some 15 miles away with a current MOT (11 months to run!) for the grand sum of £130, this massive investment made all the easier as I have sold some of the parts I don't need for about the cost of the whole car!

Some pics of the donor whole, during stripping and the parts recovered and cleaned etc here

In a couple of weeks I'm going for a seat fitting (well a size fitting) to see if I can fit in the Berlinetta (preferred) or whether I have to opt for the spyder. At the same time I intend to collect the wishbones and suspension parts so that I can build up the 4 corners before the chassis arrives which is due in 5 to 6 weeks.

Updated 14th May 2003, Engine Mounts done, Gear linkage made, seating position confirmed, 4 hubs built up

Updated 21st June, The Chassis etc has arrived and I've even fitted a part or two!

Updated 22nd June 2003 Cockpit Panels in progress

Updated 25th June 2003 A Corner fitted!

Updated 7th July 2003 3 More corners fitted, some Panels and Initial fit of Brake Lines

Updated 13th July, Engine arrives and is fitted, Gear Selector and final fit of Brake Lines

Updated 20th July, Engine Loom, Rad, Fuel tank, Brakes& Clutch bled

Updated 27th July, Car Loom in Nose trial fitted, Front Lights, Fuel Filler

Much progress has been made but mainly hidden stuff like Air Con, Cooling, Loom connections etc, a few pics below of some of the work done

Updated 12th August Dash, Gauges, Fuerl Pump and Lines, Coolant Tank and Piping

Updated 17th August, Some big bits fitted, Tail Section, Doors, Nose Winglets

Updated 27th August 2003 Oil Cooler, Pipes and Tank fitted, Pic with wheels

Updated 16th September 2003 On it's Wheels for the first time!, Headlamp Covers fitted

Updated 2nd October 2003 Windsscreen trial fitted, Nose Badge, Intake Vents

Car goes away for Exhaust design and fitting on 13th October then it's time to fire it up!

Updated 5th November 2003, Exhaust fitted, engine started for the first time!

Updated 16th November 2003, More Exhaust Pics, Interior panels, Dash, Bulkhead etc

Updated 6th December, my grateful thanks for Dave Jackson for giving up a day to make the mouled seats. Pics of the seats 'in the raw' here

Updated 13th December Seats shaped, Induction system in progress, ECU's mounted

Updated 29th December It's yellow!, well a coat of filler primer to find all those little scratches and dents

Updated 3rd January 2004 Interior installed and finished, side windows bordered and temporarily fitted

Windscreen in!

26th February 2004 Some Pictures showing Paint preparation

27th February Went to see the car today, some Red paint!!!

10th March Some more Paint Prep pics

18th March It's painted due to be run at Hullavington tomorrow for a shakedown

19th March Well it ran, nothing fell off! and it felt pretty good, Had some problems with gear selection which caused a few issues but all in all worthwhile, some pics at www.stevecarter.com/hullavington04/mark.htm

26th March Another run planned on 5th April at Keevil to finalise bits then time to book an SVA!

26th May, Success!, the Car passed the SVA test today, just need to get a registration number and it's on the road!

Some pics from the SVA here, thanks to Angus for taking them